Saturday, March 17, 2012

Inspired by Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet, $230

Chan Luu bracelet, $230
This project took a while, but I'm sure happy with how it came out! Inspired by Chan Luu wrap bracelets priced at over $200, my supplies cost about $20, including:

gold beads 
leather cord
elastic string
large crimping bead
lobster clasp
jump ring

To start, I measured the leather cord by wrapping it around my wrist 5 times and cut two pieces this length. I tied the two pieces together with a simple knot at one end and secured the knot with a dab of glue. Now I was ready to start weaving in the beads. 

I threaded a needle through the elastic and picked up a small gold bead. Holding the gold bead in the center of the two pieces of leather, I wrapped the elastic around one cord then back through the bead then around the other cord then loaded the next bead. I left a long tail of elastic which I later wove back up through the beads. 

I continued to weave until it was able to wrap it around my wrist almost four times. One the desired length, I wove the remaining elastic string back up through the beads and tied the two leather cords together tying a jump ring in the knot. I attached a lobster clasp to the jump ring to create one side of the closure. I trimmed the excess leather from the knot and melted the ends with a match. For the other side, I took an extra large crimping bead to create a loop, then also trimmed the excess leather. 

Faux Awesome Chan Luu wrap bracelet, $20

Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspired by Betsey Johnson Rosebud Studs, $30

Betsey Johnson Rose Stud Earrings, $30
This project was cheap and easy and I love how the earrings came out! Inspired by Bestey Johnson Rosebud Studs sold for $30, I put these together in less than 5 minutes for less than $5 for the pair. All it took was a little bit of glue (I used a clear multi-purpose adhesive, E6000), 2 empty posts and earring backs. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Was feelin' crafty...

Took another stab at the MK bracelet... I think it came out pretty good! I'm going to want one of these in every color. Any suggestions?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inspiration - Michael Kors Macrame Bracelet, $55

Michael Kors Macrame Bracelet, $55
For my next project I wanted to recreate another Michael Kors piece. This macrame bracelet reminds me of summer camp...with some class. 

These bracelets take about an hour to put together. The supplies for this project ended up costing only $5 a bracelet. I used hemp for my knots however you can use any type of string you want, leather, string,  lanyard, cord, etc. 


Tape or a clip
Decorative  beads

Square Macrame Knot
Adding the Bead
1. To get started cut 3 pieces of string - two pieces about 16 inches long and one triple that length. Take the two smaller pieces and tie a knot about four inches down on the strings. These are your base threads.

2. Secure the base threads at either end so you are able to tie knots around the base. I used tape, but a clipboard or chip clip will also work.

Creating the sliding closure
3. Find the center of the long thread and tie a square macrame knot around the base threads. Continue to tie alternating knots until you reach the desired half way point, then thread the bead onto the base threads and continue to tie knots around the bead until the bracelet is the desired length. Tie a regular knot to secure the end.

Loosely joined ends
4. To create the sliding closure - loosely tie off each end to create a bracelet. Cut another piece off the string  about 12 inches in length and tie about a 1/2 inch of square knots around the strands. Using a needle, thread the remaining strands up through the closure and cut the excess. Trim all the extra string and and close off with beads or knots as desired!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Turquoise Beads Acquired!

On my way home from work today I stopped by new favorite place - BEAD WORLD! Found these great turquoise beads. Can't wait to take another stab at the MK bracelet with these. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Inspiration - Michael Kors Multi-Strand Bracelet, $95

For my first project I wanted to re-create this Michael Kors beauty.

Michael Kors Multi-Strand Bracelet, $95


Jump Rings
Large End Caps
Thick Thread
Beading Needle
Crimping Tubes
Snake Chain
End Caps
2-part Epoxy
Diagonal Pliers

Even with my surplus supplies, I ended up spending under $30 on my faux awesome version of the bracelet. Here's how it all came together:

Findings, Large Endcaps & Jump Rings

Snake Chain & Endcaps
Step 1.  Using the pliers, open the jump rings to string together the findings and end caps then pinch the jump rings closed to secure the attachment.

Step 2. Measure how long you want your bracelet then cut three equal size pieces of snake chain. Mix the 2-part Epoxy. Using a toothpick apply a drop of the adhesive to the tip of the chain and apply the endcap. Repeat for all 6 ends.

Crimping Tube, Thread and Beads
Step 3. Cut a pieces of thread 3x the size of the snake chain pieces. Thread the needle and pick up a crimping tube. String the tube to the end of the thread then pass the needle back through the tube. Pull the thread through until it forms a small loop and crimp the tube with the pliers. String beads on the beads until the desired length. To close off the string, string a crimping tube then pass the needle back through the crimping tube and about half way the string of beads. Pull until a small loop forms and crimp the tube with the pliers. Cut the excess thread. Repeat to make 3 strands.

Putting it all together

Step 4. Mix more adhesive. Thread together all the strands together and tie a knot. Dip the end of the bunch in the adhesive and push into the end cap. Use the pliers ensure all the strands secure within the endcap. Lay on a flat surface and do not touch for 30 minutes. After 30 minute use the pliers to reposition strands as desired. Let set for 2 more hours then all finished!

DIY for $30 - Inspired by Michael Kors Bracelet priced at $95